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Welcome to my website!

My name is David Jordahl, and my family heritage from both parents came from Norway!  Hence, the "Norseman" title.  Norse refers to people of northern Europe, or Norway!

Yes, that is a very rare occurrence in this day and age of cross cultural connections and family building.  Having said that, my personal interest in family building does not include working to continue the "Norwegian purity."  Because I am using Norse Runes as symbols on my website, I would like to make sure I convey that the concept of "White Supremacy" is a serious disgrace to my race.  I have no association with any "White Supremacists" group or anyone associated with them.

This website is a chance to show the world who I am, my experiences, my choices, my healing, my work, and the way I enjoy life!   While I'm developing this website, I am also developing the concept for a new nonprofit that has already been serving the community.  I began doing this because I have become, you might say "a reluctant advocate" and took a job.  A job that started with developing and doing something that United Way was not, and is not doing.  United Way is NOT the first call for help in our community.  Even though they receive at least $80 million dollars every year.  Within the past nine years I have been developing this very meaningful Project, without receiving any salary or paycheck.  United Way has received more than $720 Million, and still has yet to provide any genuinely meaningful service to the people most in need!

The more poignant reason for me being in the Minneapolis, Hennepin County shelter system is to bear witness to the sickness and failure that we live every day!


NOTHING about my being in the shelter system points to any failure.  However, our community, our society here in the Twin Cities, and Minnesota does live a practice of failure every day!

My mission in life is to continue developing the CSR Direct Project.  

This is a work in progress!


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