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In 1994 I began to study "The Way of Harmony" through Aikido Yoshokai Minnesota.

The main dojo, the Genyokan is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In Minneapolis the name of the Dojo was the Kobukan.

I reached the highest level of Brown Belt, called 1st Kyu, before leaving my training.  I don't regret leaving, but I miss it very much.

Aikido Study Forum

I created an Aikido Study Forum to organize all of my Aikido study memories, photos, videos, thoughts, and understanding.

This is a new forum site, so there is much to do.


Street Fight Tips & Aikido Video Playlist

The "Way" of Aikido is NOT to fight.  It is a "Training" style, not a "Fighting" style.  Having said that, the techniques in Aikido are very effective when applied at the correct speed.  Beginning training in Aikido, the speed of walking through the techniques is very slow.  

But, in an immediate circumstance where you're having to deal with real life hostility, I know I want to be prepared.  I have created a list of videos to watch and keep in mind when having to deal with a real life situation.  It's important to watch and practice these ideas and techniques repeatedly so they come naturally when the moment comes.


Before Training in Aikido

In 1982, I went to Concordia College (now University) to become a Director of Christian Education with a Focus in Music.  During my first semester, I was staying in a dorm room, with other guys. One of the other guys was soon to train and test for Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Shorin Ryu Karate.  I began taking the classes he started to teach.  He said he was being tough on my because he said I had a great deal of potential.  My problem with Karate-do is that it really is all about learning how to fight.

Introduction by a Friend to Aikido

A friend of mine in the recovery community I was familiar with was the person to "turn me onto" Aikido.  I always had a thirst to train in a martial art that wasn't all about fighting.  Again, I had a sense of my intuition of just what I wanted to do, or the direction in which I wanted to go.  The more learned about Aikido, the more I was inspired to learn more.  So, I did.

Diving into the Study

I began to study Aikido by training at a local Aikido dojo.  But, I also began to look for books about it.  Magazines as well.  Because it is a very traditional martial art, I began to think about how I could do Japanese kinds of things.  I bought a couple pairs of chop sticks, and looked into different Japanese dishes I might like.


Morihei Ueshiba & Aikido Documentary

This video also includes 'Budo', the 1935 video produced by Asahi Newspaper.

A great deal of the language  and references used to describe Aikido & O' Sensei is different from what I have come to know and use for myself.  Yet, it still means or refers to the same thing.

Hikitsuchi Sensei - Essential Teachings of Aikido Part 2

This is part 2of 3 of the Essential Teachings of Aikido by Michio  Hikitsuchi Sensei 10th dan Aikido. 

 Hikitsuchi Sensei explains Aikido and its origin. 

Kumano Juku Dojo Shingu Kumano Kodo - Ueshiba Morihei O Sensei 

Aikido Yoshinkan Techniques Part 1

This is the very beginning of Aikido Yoshinkan Training.  Except for a very select few differences, this is what was taught in Aikido Yoshokai, here in Minnesota.  Our head sensei trained under the founder of Aikido Yoshinkan, Gozo Shioda Sensei.  That is him in the beginning of this video.

The founder of Aikido Yoshokai was Takashi Kushida Sensei.

 Stage Christian Tissier Shihan, Brescia (Italy) January 2020

 Christian Tissier Shihan 8th Dan Aikikai, conducted the Aikido Seminar in Brescia, Italy, at the our dojo Aikido Budo Brescia.  

Aside from using music to over dramatize the setting, I can appreciate Aikido being taught in other languages.  Causes me to watch the demonstration differently, and pick up nuances otherwise missed.

Yoko Okamoto & Aikido Interview

I am not familiar with Sensei Okamoto, but I decided that I like the idea of having a female voice educating about Aikido.

I have trained with many women, and they provide a very good example of the genuine toughness in this training.

Aikido converts a very old idea of Budo into a more contemporary idea of today's non-violence.

Hikitsuchi Sensei - Essential Teachings of Aikido Part 1

This is part 1 of 3 of the Essential Teachings of Aikido by Michio  Hikitsuchi Sensei 10th dan Aikido. This was filmed in Shingu Japan at the  Kumano Jyuku dojo. 

Aikido converts a very old idea of Budo into a more contemporary idea of today's non-violence.


Street Fight Tips and Aikido Video Playlist


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