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When I was in Jr High School, I was also participating in the Boy Scouts.  My father's boss, the principle of the Jr High School happened to be the Boy Scout Master.

I remember greatly enjoying going on our backpacking trips.

Fast forward to the year after my graduation in 1976, my former waterpolo teammate Kirk, invited me up to join him and his buddy to go backpacking in the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range.  This was about straight east of Sacramento, California.  On the east side of the Sierra Nevada Range.  More specifically it was the Palisade Glacier area.  See video below, which seem the exact same area where we packed, but with much more snow.

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I created a new Forums site, with dedicated forums for each subject.  Here is where I plan to elaborate on this particular subject, adding notes, videos and links for reference on this website and social media.


Backpacking the Eastern Sierra Mountains.

This is the area that I packed with two other school mates in 1977.  But, the higher we got, the more snow there was.

In this video:

Day 1: Big Pine Creek Trailhead - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th lake Day 2: 5th lake - Cloudripper - 7th, 6th and 5th lake Day 3: 5th lake - Palisade Glacier - 3rd, 2nd lake - Big Pine Creek Trailhead  Distance: 23 miles Elevation gain: 8000 feet 


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