Welcome to my Blog Page

 This is my Blog.  Writing and content about the latest things I'm doing.  As well as my thoughts, feelings and beliefs about life, love, and mission.  I will put extra effort in saying what I mean, and meaning what I say.

Hopefully, this will show the depth and breadth of my life, interests and passions.  A place where I can claim the good things in my life, and my successes.  As well as bear witness to the wonderful and terrible things I have experienced.

My Forums Site

I created a Forums website, which is separate from this website to have a place to collect content, ideas and thoughts.  A place to organize these things separate from all other social media sites.  A place of my own where I can claim my successes and qualities, as well as bear witness to the terrible, terrible things I've experienced and learne


David's Social Media

David Jordahl's profile on Instagram.