Clara Josephine Pedersen Bodsberg

Clara Josephine Pedersen Bodsberg was Born in Wisconsin.

Bodsberg Ancestry Forum

I created a Bodsberg Ancestry Forum to collect, organize, list, and discuss my mother's lineage and heritage.

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Headstone: Clara J. & Jens C.


Clara Josephine Pedersen Bodsberg was buried with her husband, Jens Christian Bodsberg.  

Identified with "Jordahl"


My mother's given name at birth was Betty Marie Bodsberg.  But, she chose to be buried with my father's sir name, "Jordahl."  This headstone was purchased years ahead of time,  so the year-of-death is yet to be engraved.

Old Man Praying


Many years ago, I noticed my mother was very impassioned about liking this photo.  So, I bought it for her, I think for her birthday.  At the time I had no idea why she would like this photo so much.  Until I saw a photo of her grandfather.  The one she was buried next to.  My great grandfather.  The likeness is astonishing.

Gesthemene Lutheran Church


This is a very old photo of Gesthemene Lutheran Church where my mother was baptized, confirmed, married and buried.  I don't believe my mother tried to achieve something I believe few have accomplished.  But, then again, she didn't seem to have any lofty goals in her life.  Therefore, she didn't stray from what she knew.