David's Contact Page

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Personal Forums Site

 I created a Forums website, which is separate from this website to have a place to collect content, ideas and thoughts.  A place to organize these things separate from all other social media sites.  A place of my own where I can claim my successes and qualities, as well as bear witness to the terrible, terrible things I've experienced and learned. 


Daily at Ridgedale Library

Currently, every day I leave Simpson shelter, leave downtown Minneapolis and jump on the 645 Limited Stop bus to head out to the Ridgedale Library.

I'm usually here by 10:30am, and stay until at least 5:30pm.  Often, during the week, I stay until  6:30pm.  The photo on the right is from the area in the Ridgedale Library I usually work, taken a few months back in 2019.

Public Meetings

As part of the development of the CSR Direct Project, I will be setting up public meetings to share and show those interested about the scope and success of this Project work.  The Goal of the Public Meetings will be to provide a space and platform to talk about this work as a lead in to talking about resources we need as a community.  It will also include peoples stories as a source of help for us to connect and identify with each other instead of being further fragmented.


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Visit me in person!

 Every day, I leave Simpson Shelter, and go to the Ridgedale Library.  Most weekdays I'm there by 11am, and leave either 5:30pm or 6:30pm to bus it back downtown. 

You can check this Google Calendar: