I was raised in Coronado, California

In about 1960, my father was in the Navy, and transferred from Whidbey Island NAS (Naval Air Station), to Coronado NAS, San Diego county, California.  This is where I would live and grow up to be 19 years old before moving on to Boyceville, WI.  Then, on to St Paul, and Minneapolis, MN, that same summer.

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Special Places and Events

The list below are the areas and/or places that were special during my time in Coronado.


249 E Avenue, Coronado, CA

This was the most significant address, where I lived the majority of my years in Coronado.

Junior & Senior High School Campus

Both, the Junior & Senior High School were on the same campus.  A very large campus that spanned, then and now, many blocks, in both directions.

Resurrection Lutheran Church

This is where our Missouri Synod Lutheran Church was, and where I was "confirmed" in the faith, and spent years in the youth group.  When I was younger, I was an acolyte for several years.

Molested / Boy Scouts of America

During my Jr High School years, I also participated in the Boy Scouts. I received my first rank of "Tenderfoot" and went on many hikes with and without backpacks.  Went on many camping trips.  I have a very specific story of how I was groomed to be a victim, and what I did to survive.  And then recover.