Welcome to my Folk & Bluegrass Music Page

Music is a very important part of most all of our lives.  And, it has certainly made a very powerfully significant impact over the course of my life.  Different from the music I grew up on, Acoustic Music has been a very specific and personal choice of mine because it is more natural. 

Unplugged, you might say.

These selections come from, and intersect with these different categories:  Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, Classical and New Age.  Even when it comes to Folk music, it's the musicianship that always matters.  Most specifically, clean and balanced sound, especially with a very good melody.  Harmony is very much a favorite of mine.

Music Forum

 I created a Forums website, which is separate from this website to have a place to collect content, ideas and thoughts.  A place to organize these things separate from all other social media sites.  A place of my own where I can claim my successes and qualities, as well as bear witness to the terrible, terrible things I've experienced and learned. 


Tim O'Brien in Concert 2017

When it comes to Folk & Bluegrass Music, Tim O'Brien is one of the best!  He is a consummate performer, multi-instrumentalists, and someone I have seen and met in person.  That's the great thing about even the best of the Folk & Bluegrass musician's.  They are very accessible!


Alison Krause and Union Station | Full Concert

 Alison Krause and Union Station

This is a full concert around the time of their favorite album at the time.  I think they are my favorite "Bluegrass Band"


Bluegrass Album Band - Blue Ridge Mountain Home & Big Spik

 Bluegrass Album Band - Blue Ridge Mountain Home & Big Spike Hammer.  You could debate endlessly about which Bluegrass Band was "best" - but from both an historic standpoint as well as unsurpassed musicianship you'd have a hard time picking a band better than Tony Rice, JD Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Bobby Hicks AND Vassar Clements on Twin Fiddles, Jerry Douglas and Mark Schatz. 


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