About The Hammered Dulcimer

I first learned of the Hammered Dulcimer when I was living in Amery, WI for two years when my father was diagnosed with cancer.

 In the late 80's and the early 90's I played for about a dozen weddings, several for friends of mine. I also played for one season at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and for a college play at Carlton College. 

The photo above is not me, but is a type of dulcimer I hope to get one day made by Jerry Read Smith.  I'm open to instruments made by other makers.  But, for decades I have longed for one made by Jerry Read Smith because of the professionalism and attention to artistry in the details.  Having said that, it seems the lower end on most of the JRS dulcimers don't have as clean of a tone as I would like to have.

more on it's way...

Hammered Dulcimer Forum

I created a new Forums site, with dedicated forums for each subject.  Here is where I plan to elaborate on this particular subject, adding notes, videos and links for reference on this website and social media.


Carol of the Bells - Joshua Messic

This is a song that I played for social gatherings and Christmas events.  I like Joshua's version of this song without much of the finger picking.


This is too much closer to the style of music I strived to play.  Much more musical and articulate.

This particular hammered dulcimer player is very good as well.


This song is very unique, and is far from the usual traditional folk style of song.  I included it here because of it's creative melody and use of other instruments.


This song is one that I played for most of my performances, including when I was asked to play for friends at Christmas dinners, during the holidays.

This particular version is very closed to what I played for my performances.

This is a very popular song

This is the type of song I would learn and modify it to my own particular taste, with a few more flourishes and a cleaner tone.


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