Jordal Family from Norway

I have found a couple locations where people by the name of Jordal reside, or facilities with that name.  The photo above is where I believe my family is from in Norway.  Another reason for believing this is the source of my father's name sake is that my great grandmother's maiden name is Boyum.  And, just a short distance north from here was another farm, that now is a Camping and Cabin destination, just north of the end of the fjord going north from here.  So, it stands to reason that my great grandfather's and great grandmother's families lived in close proximity, here in Norway.

Below, you will find a Google Street Map of the same area, or the Jordal Farm that you can view 360 degrees.

Below that map is a video from a drone taking the viewer up the river valley and back down to a beautiful panoramic view of the full fjord.

Jordal Family Forum

This is my own personal, and separate forum site, and forum for the Jordal side of my family tree.  A place for me to collect and organize things that I learn and discovery about my Jordal family genealogy.


Father's Side of my Ancestry

This section is my father's side, or the Jordahl side of my ancestry.  I happen to know quite a lot of information on this side of the family.


Donald Andrew Jordahl (father)

b. October 13, 1925     d. December 14, 1980    

m. Betty Marie Bodsberg  (June 29th, 1946)  and (1957)

Don's Father is Andrew (Andy) Jordahl

Thilda Letty Olson (Jordahl) (father's mother)


b. March 10th, 1903   d. Thursday, April 22, 1993  Baptized & Confirmed at Woodside Lutheran

m.  Andrew (Andy) Jordahl  (June 21, 1923)

Andrew (Andy) Jordahl (father's father)


b. May 22, 1900   d.  December 31, 1982  Baptized & Confirmed 

m. Thilda (Tillie) Letty Olson (Jordahl), [June 21, 1923]


Jordal River Valley Drone

This is a drone video of the  Jorddalselva i Fjærland, which means the Jordal River Valley in Fjærland.
I do believe this is where my father's family is from.  My great grandmother's family is from the same area, just up the fjord, in the Boyum area.  Please watch this video with special interest in the very end.  I believe it will impress most everyone!

Norway 4K Part 4 Bergen to Balestrand

7/31/16 -  Camping, St. Olafs  Anglican church, North Bergen Steamship Company.  [David] Bergen is where (I believe) my parents boarded the ship to come to American.  And, Balestrand is where I have documentation of my great grandfather living there.

Balestrand to Volda, Norway

8/6/16 - Balestrand, Volda, Amazing scenery, Waterfalls, Hiking Trail, Beautiful Norway,  More video of the area from which my family came in Norway.


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