Our Saviour's Shelter

I stayed at Our Saviour's Shelter for a couple of months.

It would be irresponsible for our community to not have shelters available for those that need them.  And yet, how and why we do it matters as much as the fact that we have shelters.

History of Residence Forum


Staffing issues

Our Saviour's staff is full of nice, kindhearted, well-meaning, good intentioned, hard working, smart, creative and generous people.  And yet, all are lacking in personal work, due diligence, education that is not about class work.  But, 

Dealing with other clients

Repeatedly, other clients (guests) were rude, out of control.  And, having to go get staff was more than an issue.

Smoking in the shelter

Because the shelter are full of addiction, and the fact that smoking is close to, if not the most significant addiction in our culture.  Our Saviour's shelter also has a tough time with dealing with smoking addicts smoking in the shelter.  This is in light of the fact that our state has a "No Smoking in Public Facilities" law.

Chores for each guest

Each guest had a chore to do, on whatever schedule that was set for that room's chore.


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