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Being that both of my parents families are from Norway, that would make all of my ancestry are the Norse People.

The header here has an image of an artist's rendition of what a "Viking" would look like.  Or, more accurately put, what a Norseman going "a viking" (a veeking) would look like.  The "Vikings" were NOT a people, but what Norse people did from the 800's to just before the 1100's.  A more accurate similar word would be "pirating."

Much more coming...

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This documentary is about the Viking voyage to North America.  It starts with making of the ships, and then gets into the details of each section crossed.  From Greenland, to Iceland, to North America, they start with Eric the Red, and then "Leif the Lucky", or Leif Erickson.


This documentary is about Viking swords, and more specifically, a select few Viking swords.  They were the Ulfberht swords, forged with a type of premium steel that was centuries ahead of it's time.  And, equivalent to the legendary Japanese katana sword.  This modern day sword maker attempts to make the first Ulfberht sword in a thousand years.


This is a short video about a recent recreation of the largest Viking ship ever made since the original Viking era.  The next video is goes through more steps in the building of this particular ship. After that, there are videos about it's christening, first sail, and beginning to get it seaworthy. There is also video of this ship recreating the voyage from Norway to North America.

This is a very good, yet short video about a recent recreation of the largest Viking ship ever made.  This is the first of several videos about this particular "Dragon" ship, how it was made, first put in the water, given a traditional ceremonial christening, and breaking it in on the open sea.