Welcome to my Highlighted Video Page

 This page is for selected video that I would like to share.  It could be anything from music video of social justice, to nature videos that are interesting or have a meditative value to them, to do-it-yourself videos. 

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I do have a personal YouTube channel, actually several.  But, I don't have much of anything on there.


John Michael Talbot  - Healer of My Soul

John Michael Talbot was someone I learned of when I was going to Concordia College (now University) in 1982, to become a Director of Christian Education, with a major in music.  I had just buried my father 2 yrs earlier, and turns out my life took a much needed course correction to heal from the first 22 years of my life.

James Taylor | The Making of Sweet Baby James

James Taylor was on of the most important singer/songwriter musician's I grew up on...  All of the songs they reference here are very familiar to me.  And, all the ones that were not mentioned.  Recently, I watched a much longer, full blown documentary about James Taylor.  It meant a great deal to put more of the story behind the songs, out for us to know.

Live from the Troubadour

James Taylor and Carole King had & have a very special relationship as singer/songwriters.  This is one song from their return to perform at "the Troubadour."  They also have the same back up musicians.

This is the song "Fortunate Son" by John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  The photos represent the time period in which the song was written.

This song was about the Vietnam War, and happens to be an extended version.

This is an interview between Dan Rather and John Fogerty, where John is talking about the meaning behind and the setting surrounding the song "Fortunate Son."

This song (Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell) was a classic folk song about social awareness and change.

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